Metta Buddhist Centre

Distinguished Venerables
at the Official Opening

Guests at the Official Opening

Metta Buddhist Centre

Construction of Metta Buddhist Centre (“MBC”), a three-storey building at Vihara Mawatha, Weherahena, Matara, Sri Lanka began in 2003.  It was officially declared opened on 27th December 2006.  MBC is dedicated to the memory of the late Ven. D. Sangharathana Nayaka Mahathera who was the Chief Incumbent of the Rajamaha Viharaya Weherahena (Buddhist Temple), Matara, Sri Lanka.   The Most Venerable Nayaka Mahathera passed away on 28th December 2002. 

MBC aims to promote the study and practice of Buddhism.  Religious services, Dhamma study courses and welfare services are provided free of charge to the local community.  Since its opening, MBC has conducted numerous religious services while more than 200 children have attended its structured Buddhist Studies Sunday Dhamma Classes and sat for annual YMBA (Young Men’s Buddhist Association) examinations.  Volunteer teachers also conduct Dhamma Classes in Sinhala The students can avail themselves to a variety of Buddhist resource materials at MBC’s library.

As for welfare work, MBC hosted vocational training programmes jointly organised by its Metta Social Services Foundation (“MSSF”) and the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority.  Computer courses were conducted to equip local youth with skills necessary to gain good employment.  MBC is the registered headquarter of MSSF which spearheads welfare services for the needy.  MSSF’s free Ambulance Service is also based at MBC.  With 5 ambulances donated by well-wishers, MSSF is able to provide critically required emergency transportation for the sick from their home to hospital and vice versa.  

MSSF also manages the Metta Youth Centres at Matara and Hambantota; the homes for underprivileged children.

MBC’s latest project is to build a temple at the site where an ancient temple had stood at Uswewa, Sooriyapokuna, Tangalle.  In 2010, the villagers had approached Ven. W. Ratanasiri Thero, the Chief Incumbent of the Metta Buddhist Centre for advice and assistance to build a temple for them to carry out their religious activities.  MBC welcomes donations from well-wishers to help build the Sooriyapokuna Temple.  For more information please click here.


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