Metta Youth Centre, Keliyapura, Hambantota

Methmal Children’s Home

Methmal Sevana, a Tsunami Project, is a children’s home located in Keliyapura, Gonnoruwa Road, Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. The Home was built by the joint collaborative efforts of both foreign and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and was officially opened on 23rd September 2006. On 7th November 2008, it was registered with the Southern Provincial Council under Reg. No. spc/pro/3/3/6/4. Initially, the Home provided shelter for 37 children who have either lost their parents in the Tsunami disaster or who were from the underprivileged communities. Unfortunately after a few years, both NGOs were unable to maintain their financial support and a new sponsor was required for the Home.

Consequently, on 24th March 2010, management of Methmal Sevana was transferred to the Metta Social Services Foundation (“MSSF”) which has experience in running the Metta Youth Centre (“MYC”), Matara. Given the lack of funding for the Home, its facilities have deteriorated somewhat and were found unsuitable for the young girls staying there. At a meeting with the government Department of Probate and Childcare Services, Southern Province, it was decided that all the 28 girls living there were to be relocated to Metta Youth Centre, Matara. By January 2011, all the 28 girls were moved there. The facilities at MYC Matara are considered more secure and safe for the young girls. They are now living in a better environment and have since resumed their studies at schools in the vicinity of MYC.

As for the remaining boys still staying at the Home, now renamed Metta Youth Centre, Keliyapura, Methmal Children’s Home, MSSF is committed to improving their living conditions there. MSSF has drawn up plans to repair and refurbish the Home’s facilities bearing in mind enhanced security and safety for the children. When this is done, the Home will be able to admit more needy children. Ultimately, MSSF intends to create a safe and conducive living environment in Methmal Children’s Home for underprivileged children from the Hambantota District.

To this end, MSSF seeks financial support and welcome sponsors for the following much required repair / rebuilding works at Methmal Children’s Home:

  1. Renovate the existing 12 buildings – including roofing, wall structure and flooring, windows, doors and hinges;

  2. Re-build toilet facilities;

  3. Rewire and re-install electricity supply;

  4. Build two 20-ft tanks with 5,000 litres capacity each for water storage;

  5. Build a 400 metre long fence and a security office to secure the premises;

  6. Relocate the present kitchen and buy the necessary kitchen equipment;

  7. Complete the construction of the library and install the necessary fittings;

  8. Construct a new 2-storeyed building to be used in case of emergencies like flooding;

  9. Build vocational training rooms; &

  10. Renovate the ground and buy sports equipment for the children.


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